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Confused: Who raped me; James or Reagan?


Confused: Who raped me; James or Reagan?




Fans and friends, Asalaam alaikum. Thanks for your response to the stories. I’m really humbled. This is Cathy’s second story.

If you missed the first episode, had been sedated. Continue…

“Hajj Ashraf, l felt so angry. On the bedroom side table, there was a bottle of Napoleon whisky with some poured in a glass. Napoleon whisky was in our home bar. I smelt this whisky – as if I had taken some. I regained my senses looked at the clock again, it was now 6.20 pm.

“I remembered that there was a meeting I was to attend at 2.30pm. I had missed it. I began to add up that this boy, Reagan sedated me using the juice and food he gave me and raped me when I was unconscious. How could he do this to me?

“I really liked him, let alone that he was my mulamu; he was a friend. I imagined him mounting my body, a young boy whom I found aged 5 yrs when I married James! I started crying.

“I remembered that just a week ago, I had accompanied him to the hospital where he was found to be HIV-positive. How ruthless was this boy is?

“I then heard somebody bathing in my bathroom. I could not believe it, obujoozi bwomuvubuka ono. I regained strength, went to the kitchen picked a sharp knife intending to charge the bathroom, to kill.

“Hajj Ashraf, when I went back to the bedroom, to my surprise, I found James. He was out of the bathroom drying up with a towel. I got confused. What was happening to me?

“He said; ‘Eeeee, huny, that was too much whisky you had, and remember yesterday night was our Thursday’. He laughed. ‘Huny, you wanted to dodge me’, he continued, and laughed again. ‘You know, we used to make love on Mondays and Thursdays’.

“When he said last night, I looked at the clock again; it was 6.30. Banange, Hajj Ashraf, it was actually 6.30am, already morning. I had slept for over 17 hours. I went into a sea of questions.

“Was it James who did it to me, because it was a Thursday; or, his brother, Regan? I rushed into Reagan’s room. I found him very relaxed reading his books. He even asked me whether I wouldn’t be late for work. I don’t even remember greeting him.

“I went back to our bedroom, and rushed to the bathroom to clean up. I kept my urine to find out the truth; whether it is James or Reagan who had done it. After cleaning up I went back to the bedroom and found James who had already prepared breakfast. It was juice, toasted bread, boiled eggs and milk. We ate but mine was not going down well.

“He realized something was wrong. He asked me why but I faked a smile and pretended to be fine. He started making advances to make love and I also responded for I wanted his seamen for testing in the lab and compare with the one I had kept.

“As we continued our pre-sex actions, my mind woke up that: if Regan had actually raped me, I was apparently HIV-positive. I couldn’t do it to my husband, the father of my kids. I almost cried but I remained firm. I immediately changed my mind looked at the clock and told him that we would be late for work.

“He was already on heat, and Hajj Ashraf, the man nearly raped me. I started making some noise and he left me. But after promising that though that night was a Friday, we would do it.

“As I applied make up to my face, with all the anger of denying him sex, James went and shouted at Regan to pack up and go to the hostel.

He was taking him there and then. He even helped him to pack. Later James came back to the bedroom, kissed me and left for work. Regan also came and thanked me for all I had done for him. He requested his brother to thank me for him. The guy looked very innocent. I got more confused. They left me in thoughts.

“I called the office and excused myself for that day’s work. I remained home in a sea of thoughts. I imagined that, if really he (Regan), raped me how would I tell James that, your brother, Regan raped me. Would he accept that? And his HIV status?

“What about his family, who had always been arguing with me to chase him away. And I had been refusing to chase him away. They would think that I really had an affair with the boy that I was now pretending. Then, I imagined that evening: would I deny James sex, again.

“Time passed and evening came. Meanwhile, I had taken the urine to one of the trusted laboratories in town. And the lab technician was just waiting for James’s semen.

“That night James was on heat as he had been in the morning. When time came, I introduced a condom.

“Haaaajj Ashraf, my God…. ”

Thanks for reading; we shall continue from here. Your likes and comments are very welcome. Allah, bless u all.



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