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Men this is what is killing your Manhood


Men this is what is killing your Manhood

Drooling on porn has been cited as one of the killers of manhood

Drooling on porn has been cited as one of the killers of manhood

The topic above is one of the hardest topics for men; most of them would rather die with it silently rather than discuss it with any one!

Sometime ago, but I have been reading a journal that has opened up many more answers.

When I was discussing with some friends of mine about erection problems and how every traditional doctor has a remedy for it, they all told me that there is no medicine for ED (ERECTILE DYSFUCTION) , one of them even concluded the debate by saying ; ‘Omussajja yenna muwe sente , wansi wajakuterera” literally meaning that give any man money and the penis will work overtime.

But as far as I have looked for remedies, the above conclusion is wrong because worrying about money is just part of it, but I will not talk about the obvious, like fats, too much alcohol or cigarettes, nope!

All those can be summarized by one sentence,’ live a poor health lifestyle and the man down there will die naturally”!

We are going to look at the less obvious things and I am sure many of you  will be surprisedabout the many array of causes of Erectile Dysfunction and am sure this piece will help you solve some of your problems.

Your job

A recent study has shown that your job could be making you impotent slowly without you noticing the problem. I am not talking about the risky kind of jobs like working in a telecom company (where there are high frequency levels), near electricity transformers or sitting for long hours with a lap top on your laps, I am talking about stressful jobs like food service staff, health care workers, firefighters, taxi operators and police officers, where one is prone to difficult customers and depressing situations, all these causes one to be depressed and thus being unable to perform well between the sheets!

Oral hygiene

When you have a poor oral hygiene, this will not only affect your kissing sessions (no one will want to kiss a smelly mouth), now doctors have come to a conclusion that oral hygine can also results into impotence, this is because, oral inflammation can lead to a decrease in eNOS, an enzyme that produces the nitric acid that works to regulate blood flow. Without proper flow of blood, a man will struggle to get aroused; Poor oral hygiene has also been linked to heart attacks and diabetes, as well as other major health problems

Too much salt

Okay we all know that sugar will definitely kill the guy down there, but salt too is a silent enemy….. this is because according to studies salt restricts blood flow and hardens your arteries, allowing plaque to build up. These two conditions can cause a stroke, which can then damage the nerves running through your body, including the ones that take blood to your penis.


Is your bedmate always complaining about your snoring? They could be complaining about much more than the snoring, this is because snoring is a symptom of sleep apnea, a disorder that causes people to stop breathing for 10 to 30-second increments. This is what links snoring to erection dysfunction because the less oxygen in the blood, the worse your body’s overall function will be, including sexual function.

Where you stay

Have you ever wondered why we all have marathon runners from one particular geographical area? Wonder no more, it has been proven that our geographical location will affect the way our heart and blood is circulated in our body, (perhaps we should all shift uplands!)

Boda bodas

It’s not only dangerous to ride a boda-boda for long periods of time due, but also bicycles or any kind of riding affects the pelvic floor which is known to be a very vulnerable system with delicate nerve system that can easily be desensitized, If these blood vessels are damaged, then this spells trouble, especially if the seats are narrow!

Watching pornography

Pornography will not only make you become addicted to it, but it will also cause you to feel inadequate when it comes to real sex, this is because most of the scenes are not realistic, they are joined without your knowledge and the cast is well chosen, showing men who are super endowed, this will affect you psychologically and gradually you will end up not measuring up to the task! There is a site that boasted of having 1.7 million visits an hour!(hopefully dear reader you are not one of those statistics) and if you are …..please beat the habit before your member dies naturally!

Other then getting that psychological fear, getting addicted to pornographic scenes can also make you fail to rise naturally because you would have got to a situation where you can not arouse naturally unless you watch porn which is a very dangerous stage.

Lastly but not least , studies have shown that the more religious you are, the more likely your libido will be reduced, mbu the feeling that sex is a bad thing will affect your performance ( I hope this is not a point smuggled in by people who don’t believe in the supremacy of God!






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