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Read the opponent


Read the opponent


and looking for a man or woman who could behave and, whole heartedly act, like Adolf Hitler. I liked the black president in the US but time came and he almost disappointed me.

He preached a lot of peach and softness of the heart yet, before presidency, he fought, a lot, with his enemies, to win himself a place at the high table of this world.

Donald trump has started acting on his promises. Now when he says Mexicans will pay for the barrier, some people do not understand. Mexico will pay for the wall, at the border of Mexico and United States, directly or indirectly. Underline the sentence just written. Mexico will pay.

Look through history book. Read about America. Concentrate, for some time and choose biographies of some chosen people, those that you greatly admire, and look through them.

A time comes and man gathers power, which bars him from listening to what others say. It is good now that leaders in America are about to commit the same atrocities that they have always accused men like Putin of committing.

I do not want to see Mugabe standing alone. I am happy in my heart that someone has remembered the roots of America’s greatness. We shall enjoy this year, because the man is finally, here, who will say words that will provoke us into fighting back, against our adversaries.

Trump’s heart is heavy and he will surely say a lot, throughout his presidency.  For more than 30 years Donald Trump has been looking, observing, and reading the opponents of his country. He saw men and women, in his country, becoming poor. It is his time, and someone is going to pay. This world is selfish.

Ruthless men sacrificed lives and madeAmerica great. It is up to you now. The entire world is awake and, almost everywhere, people are working. To be given room, something outstanding must be done. We didn’t conquer easily. We bled and fought again, and again.

The other day we saw the Cranesfailing to satisfy us. Out of mind, out of sight! Whatever you think about will one day happen. We left forNorth Africa and Dubai knowing that our greatest opponent was Egypt. All of us thought we would lose to Egypt. We feared Egypt, and we, therefore, lost to it.

The thing you fear most will surely happen to you. You are what you are because of your thoughts.

Because we thought we would lose,we lost. Egyptare not a side that they used to be. We lost against them. We thought that way.

There is hidden power in this world. It cannot be discovered unless you, with one heart, decide to risk your life. As the lazy man sleeps, the world, with both its hands, creates, to impress or to let others talk. Now, we sit and see man wanting to belt the earth with driverless cars.

Man wants to be recognised. It explains why men call me day and night wanting me to mention their names, at least once, in my articles. When the time comes, I will tell you what is reallytaking place deep in the hearts of Lawrence Mulindwa and Moses Magogo. Why has Mulindwa put up such a stadium?

Denis Onyango was up, in the air, and Africa was chanting his name. FUFA was not willing to let the ignorant world know about the successes of the veteran goalkeeper.

Micho would still be silent, about his salary, if the cranes had impressed at AFCON. People like it when they are invited to party. You, alone, can give peace and happiness to yourself. You are free to do whatever you want.

Say you are His Eminence, and say it again and again. The words of the little boys, Bugingo type, will mean nothing.

You can escape through someone’s hands, to the free world and then the world will ask, ‘how, then, did he become president?’

Focus on what you are doing, and do it, repeatedly, and do not mind about what others say. Man is more ruthless than the beast. He is behind your back watching.He is not likely to let you go without injuries.

They can never get me now, for I slipped through their rough handsand escaped. I am away and,down on my knees, celebrating, here in the free world.

No one builds walls better than we do. Read your opponent that you might safely enjoy the fruits of labour.

Someone will pay. The wall is so splendid and high that no one will ever get over it to get me back into the notorious prison that I grew up in. Read your opponentsand deter them from sinking the cargo ship.

SekkaBagenda is a writer. An inspirational Public Speaker and a Sports Scientist

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