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Does a wedding ring mean anything to you? 

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Does a wedding ring mean anything to you? 

woman proposing to a man

woman proposing to a man

Close to ten years ago, creative minds came up with what they called an Anti- cheating ring. This new invention, made of titanium and designed as a wedding band is aimed at preventing adultery.

The anti-cheating ring contains engraving on the inside that says “I’m Married.” The engraving is meant to leave an imprint on the finger which “means that when an attractive woman or man comes along to chat, slipping your wedding ring off is not an option. The mark left on your skin says, “I’m Married”

Many couples invest large amounts of time in the selection of rings. The sheer cost of wedding rings, moreover, suggests they have real meaning for couples. The bride and groom usually give each other rings in the shape of a circle, symbolizing that they hope that their love will be without end.

A wedding ring’s significance probably would also be found in the message it conveys that a person wearing it is already married and committed to one particular person.

The fundamental assumption is that by wearing a wedding ring, people acknowledge their marital commitment publicly and in a continuous way. This may not always be the case, though.

Surprisingly, the ring that you wear, that was placed on your finger by your spouse on your wedding day, does not represent your commitment to your marriage, your love for your spouse, your faithfulness. Instead it represents the commitment, love and faithfulness of your spouse to you.

There are men who are not comfortable with wearing rings. If your man refuses to wear a wedding ring, don’t jump to the conclusion that he is less committed to you than he should be and just waiting for his chance to run off with someone else. There will always be some married men who want to disguise their status, especially if he is an extremely private person who prefers keeping his loving gestures just for you, rather than sharing them with the rest of the world. They have made the commitment to you, and it is no-one else’s business.

It is important, however, to wear your wedding ring. Not wearing a ring can definitely send a message that you are available, interested or having trouble at home. A wedding ring is super helpful to single people who are searching. Every time they see your ring they get to know that “this is not the person we are looking for” so that they can continue moving forward.

A ring also communicates responsibility and maturity. The public is likely to trust and respect you as a responsible person. Some employers are likely to treat you differently.   Guys get the rings out of your pockets and put them on.



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