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Kyabazinga appoints high-powered team to design strategic plan before flying out for his Masters


Kyabazinga appoints high-powered team to design strategic plan before flying out for his Masters

Museveni congratulating H.H Kyabazinga Nadiope recently

The newly installed Kyabazinga of Busoga William Wilberforce Gabula IV has appointed a high-powered team of experts he has charged with putting together a ten-year strategic development plan for the kingdom.

The interim committee of eminent persons comprises some of Busoga’s best brains and is led by Dr. Joseph Muvawala, the Speaker of Busoga Lukiiko (Parliament) told reporters at the Kingdom headquarters in Bugembe, that: “Each of the eleven hereditary chiefs that comprise Busoga, will field one member and another from Busoga Lukiiko to make a 12-man team.”

According to Mutyabule, the committee is expected to execute its mandate in a three months period during which period they will be expected to produce a report and hand it over to the Kyabazinga as the guiding tool for the management of the Kingdom.

The committee is also charged with commencing negotiations with the central government about the return of the Kingdom properties.

These properties according to Mutyabule include; landing sites, markets, administrative blocks housing sub-counties, counties and districts and a piece of land in Jinja Municipal council among others.

Flanked by the Deputy Speaker of Busoga Lukiiko, Mutyabule who repeatedly applauded the public for gracing the coronation ceremony in their big numbers, refuted rumours that the Kyabazinga had appointed his cabinet before flying abroad.

“There is no prime minister or another minister appointed yet. In the meantime the Speaker of Busoga Lukiko will be serving as the spokespersons of Obwakyabazinga,” Mutyabule noted.

The Kyabazinga left Uganda for the United Kindgom Wednesday September 17, where he enrolled for a Master Degree in Economics at Coventry University. He is expected back into the country after three months to carry on with his duties.

The committee is expected to meet with clan leaders’ executive committee and the chief’s royal council every fortnight to review the progress and consult each other.

Before boarding at Entebbe Airport, Mutyabule says the Kyabazinga challenged politicians from Busoga to stop envy, jealousy and intrigue which has left them in squabbles instead of raising a common voice towards development of their region.

 Mutyabule informed the masses that the Kyabazinga urged the people of Busoga to unite and ensure every homestead has a latrine, a rack, a granary, ensure home sanitation, grow enough food for food security and men to leave polygamous tendencies,” Mutyabule intimated to reporters.
Also set up is the legal team of reputable lawyers led by Robert Kafuko Ntuuyo, Fred Muwema, Julius Galinsonga, and Alex Luganda who will be handling any legal matter on behalf of the institution.



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