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Amama castigates ‘Bonna badome’


Amama castigates ‘Bonna badome’

Presidential candidate Mbabazi arriving in Mityana

Presidential candidate Mbabazi arriving in Mityana

Presidential hopeful and former Uganda Prime minister John Patrick Amama Mbabazi has vowed to oust his former boss Yoweri Kaguta Museveni come February 2016.

While Addressing a rally in Mityana, Mbabazi who served in Museveni’s government for 30 years quashed talks that he has been part of the mess by Museveni’s government.

Amama said he was working under Museveni’s commands and he had no way of addressing the many loopholes that beleaguered Museveni’s government that is why he came out to stand against him.

Mbabazi criticized the current system of education and he said Museveni instead of providing “Bonna basome” (education for all) has instead turned the programme into what he branded “bona badome” (let all fail)

Amama also unleashed his campaign slogan “Amama Anatosha” meaning that he is all Uganda needs to Go Forward.



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