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One Uganda Police Officer killed by 2 UPDF soldiers


One Uganda Police Officer killed by 2 UPDF soldiers

CDF General David Muhoozi

CDF General David Muhoozi

Two Uganda Peoples’ Defence Force soldiers in Bushika town, Bududa District attacked seven Uganda Police officers in a fire-fight, killing one, leaving three others with serious wounds sustained from the fight.

According to Asan Kasingye the Uganda Police spokesperson, the two UPDF soldiers: RA215260, Lance Corporal James Waninga, who was on leave from the Amison obligations in Somalia; and, RA223698 Private Ben Tsama Wandera, of CMI Mbuya, with UPDF deserter, Andrew Shikaka, entered the house on Plot S2 in Bududa Town Council by force.  Last week court had ruled that the house belonged to a Mr. Masanga, who was involved in a dispute for the house with his father, Juma Masanga.

Masanga took his complaints to the Police that some people had entered his house. Bududa Police Commander, Esther Adeke said, “After receiving complaints from Masanga, I sent my Police officers to settle these issues and to find out why these suspects were occupying the house, unfortunately they just attacked my officers.”

According to Kasingye, Police attempted to engage the three brothers; however, the trio sparked it up with brawls and in the scuffle, Police Corporal Michael Mubiita No. 53773 was hit with an iron bar by the suspects. They disarmed him, which prompted another officer to fire bullets at them; and two of them were injured. However, they run with two riffles which were later found at LC 1Chairman Wabwere’s home.

Adeke says, Mubiita died in Mbale Hospital due to excessive bleeding, Police Constable Earnest Besigako Obbo and Corporal Gadala were admitted in Mbale Hospital, however, the suspects disappeared in the forests and the Police Flying Squad together with army are hunting for  them.








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