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Bizonto arrested over piercing drama on political appointments


Bizonto arrested over piercing drama on political appointments



Members of a Ugandan saterical drama group known as Bizonto literally translated as ‘Stupid people’ have today been arrested for allegedly publishing a video that promotes tribalism.

Reports indicate that the members, many of whom work with Radio Simba, a Luganda Radio station were arrested by CMI operatives from the station.

In the video which has gone viral on WhatsApp and other social media platforms, suggests that all the key positions in government are occupied by people from one region.

They named a handful of the most influential people in government such as top commanders in the army, the police, prisons, as people from the same region.

They also noted joked that the heads of the economic institutions like the treasury, Bank of Uganda, Uganda Revenue Authority, NSSF are all headed by people from one region.

Neither the Police nor the army have yet said where the Bizonto’s are being held or what crime they will be charged with.




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