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Is love now a crime in Uganda?

Guest Writer

Is love now a crime in Uganda?

Kabarole MP Sylivia Rwabwogo

Kabarole MP Sylivia Rwabwogo

I wonder where Uganda is heading!I think love has become one of the crimes in this Pearl of Africa.Brian Isiko a 25year-old student at YMCA, Jinja Branch, has spent several days in Luzira prison because of sending a love message to Kabarole Woman MP, Sylvia Rwabwogo.

A Buganda Road Court Magistrates sentenced Isiko to two years in prison for sending a love messages to the honourable MP.  Really, if imprisoning all those who propose love to women would be the order of the day, then men in the Uganda, including me, would all be in prison right now.

I agree with the Lubaga South MP, Kato Lubwama, who said that proposing to women is not bad since it is the only way to produce future generations. Rwabogo would simply have refused Isiko’s advances instead of having him deprived of his human right as a man and a Ugandan.

If love has now become part of the crimes in Uganda,the Legislators should come up and inform us such that we can leave Ugandan women and go for those outside this country.







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