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Why many people don’t wash their hands after toilet


Why many people don’t wash their hands after toilet

Washing hands

Washing hands

There has been a lot of yapping on the issue of washing hands ever since a report was released indicating that 60% of Ugandans do not wash their hands after visiting the toilet. Among the reasons given why people don’t wash hands includes people being in a hurry and this coupled with the poor hand washing facilities.

However, I discovered that many people are afraid of spoiling their hands with more filth by using the toilet sinks.

Because most toilets don’t have soaps and are publically used, many feel that if they get hold of the tap handles, this will only sully their hands with fifth that they didn’t have in the first place.

That is the kind of mentality that most of our people have. In their minds, whenever a person comes out of the toilet, they see them with their dirty hands touching the tap handle.

This is enough to disgust them therefore making them feel that they will be better off if they don’t wash their hands. If some decide to wash their hands, they will refuse to close the tap for fear of spoiling their hands by touching the handle after washing them and the taps will be left to flow until someone with enough sense comes to close it.



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