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Job rotation and transfers; answer to embezzlement of funds


Job rotation and transfers; answer to embezzlement of funds

Answer To Embezzlement Of Funds

Answer To Embezzlement Of Funds

When I look at how the former Centenary Bank manager, a court case that was disclosed in one of the local dailies, it’s quite evident that his being in one position for a long time is what enabled him to pull off that task.

Kule worked for Centenary Bank as a branch manager in Kasese from 2004 to 2016. These 12 years were enough for him to know the dynamics and way of operation of the bank thus giving him an opportunity to go about his way and steal all that money.

But if Centenary bank had practiced what we call job rotation or transfers of workers from one branch to another, this would have been difficult for this man to pull off such a task.

Job rotation as explained by human resource experts as the practice of moving employees between different departments within an organization. While its objective is to expose employees to different experiences and a wide variety of skills to enhance job satisfaction, it can also be used as an employee management security control which is a measure that is taken to safeguard an information system from infiltration by an outside source or an insider employee.

I therefore highly suggest for companies who have not been practicing Job rotation or transfers to adopt the practice as soon as possible. Not only would this prevent evil practices like embezzlement of funds but it would also enhance the skills of the employees which would improve the company’s image.




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