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What has gotten into Ugandans?


What has gotten into Ugandans?

Mob Justice

Mob Justice

Is it me or was there a killing spree that was declared that I don’t know about. If that isn’t the case then we have a great problem. I have a great fear that many of our people have been possessed by demons but they just don’t know it yet. How can someone in their right mind pick up a brick and bang it on a person’s head in cold blood all in the name of justice. Can we even call it justice when in trying to right a wrong, another wrong is being done.

I am talking about the mob justice that seems to be the norm now days. It looks like it is the new system of justice. So far, 000 and the other of witchcraft  due to one of the residents who had died in a car accident.

While I watched the savage way these two people were killed, I wondered what had really gotten into people. It really looks like people have lost the fear of God in them. Otherwise, how can someone take another person’s life without any remorse?

I know it wrong to steal or even practice witchcraft but did these people deserve the punishment that was bestowed on them on mere allegations?

There is a reason why Jesus said when Mary Magdalene was about to be stoned for her infidelity that he without sin should cast the first stone. If we are all sinners, what right do we have to punish those we think have sinned against us. Either big or small, all sins carry the same weight. Before you go ahead to pick that brick or stone or a cane to punish someone you believe is in a wrong, think about yourself. How would you feel if it was you or one of your family members being stone to death?




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