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Is Uganda police fighting judiciary?


Is Uganda police fighting judiciary?

Is Uganda police fighting judiciary?

Is Uganda police fighting judiciary?

A person is innocent or considered a suspect until proven guilty, according to the Ugandan law, It seems like the police is not conversant with this judicial statement as stipulated in our law books.

Recently, Nakawa Courts granted bail to suspects in the late Felix Kaweesi murder case. In a blink of an eye, Uganda police re-arrested the newly released without following any legal procedures. The question is, are our security operatives overzealous or simply naïve or could it be both?

The alleged suspects have been in custody for more than four months. If police had any extra charges, they had an opportunity to convey those additional charges before the suspects were granted court bail.

However, this is not the first time in Uganda’s history for security operatives to create chaos and anarchy where it’s not due. If we are to turn back time, Black mamba once invaded the High Court for reasons unknown when court had granted the then presidential candidate Kizza Besigye bail.

We all know that courts of law are regarded as temples of justice where facts are proven as the actual truth in order to acquit or sentence a suspect.  I have valid evidence that in Uganda police’s managerial structure, they have director, legal department. What is his role when the police is tainted with brutality, assault and other atrocities done  broad day light.







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