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Teach police to respect humanity


Teach police to respect humanity

Teach police to respect humanity

Teach police to respect humanity

I was walking on the streets recently when a police patrol car passed by. There were 3 police officers seated on the outside seats. One could think they were the only occupants of the car until I saw some peeping faces underneath the seats. Looks like there were some suspected criminals but they were huddled like pigs on their way to the slaughter house.
Seriously, what I saw was an inhumane act on humanity. Even animals are treated better in a civilized community. Even if one is a suspected criminal guilty or not, he deserves to be treated like a human being but not like an animal.
It doesn’t matter what your excuse is. The one thing a criminal suspected or guilty deserves is the handcuffs. And this is only to prevent them from escaping so that justice is served. Other than that these people deserve your utmost respect as human beings.
If in case they are criminals, how do you expect them to change if they are treated harshly? And as suspects, how can you pay back for the humiliation one goes through if he/she is found innocent.




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