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Sex education in schools a blessing


Sex education in schools a blessing

Sex education in schools a blessing

Sex education in schools a blessing

For a student or pupil to study about their bodies in a sexual implication, many can take it as an immoral practice that will ruin our children’s virtues. But I disagree and applaud to what our first lady and minister of education, Janet Museveni has introduced.

Believe me, sexual education will be a blessing to the young developing students. I have been there and it is not easy to be assailed by raging hormones when you don’t know what’s happening to your own body. You get attracted to boys and feel an urgent need to have sex and yet deep down, you know it’s something forbidden. You are afraid to speak to your parents because you have warned to stay away from boys without even any valid reason. You run to some of your friends and they are also as green as you and those who seem to know something are misinformed which in the end misleads everyone creating unwanted circumstances.

But I believe with sexual education, students will be able to know all about sex and what it entails. With that knowledge they will be able to make informed decisions  and I am sure they will learn to look after themselves for  brighter future.


Ndugga Diane, Kireka Wakiso



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