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Recent repairs of Kampala sidewalks good, but….


Recent repairs of Kampala sidewalks good, but….

Repairs in some parts of Kampala are ongoing

Repairs in some parts of Kampala are ongoing

The on-going action by the Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA), to re-grade the kerbs of the roads they are working on is welcome. The kerbs by Parliamentary Avenue,  have received a nice face-lift, so are those on Siad Barre Avenue and now on Kampala-Jinja roads.

However, KCCA should have foreseen that, with the present unending traffic jams, it would have been opportune for them to have widened those roads. There was obviously some space on both sides of those roads for this to have been done without compromising the space used by the pedestrians.  It would have given some breathing space for the motorists, however small it would have been.

Yet, because nobody appears to have foreseen this when KCCA was embarking on these repairs, the old size of the roads have been maintained, thus making the lives of motorists to continue with the painful traffic jams which, to all intents and purposes, might continue for another five years, or so.

It is not too late to consider this point if and when KCCA is considering extending their repairs to other roads in the city. Of course, we do not know what other considerations have gone into this, especially, the amount of kick backs involved.



John Byarugarura Kampala




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