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Beware of the ever-present knapsack carriers


Beware of the ever-present knapsack carriers

Very common bags carried in all places

Very common bags carried in all places

In these days of suicide bombers, you should be careful of who is carrying a handbag or knapsack on their back. These people are now everywhere in Uganda, and they are imitating the students who have these bags for their school books.

The recent bombings in Sri Lanka came to my mind last Sunday when I attended mass in St. Augustine’s Catholic Church in Seeta. I remembered that the hotel manager of one of the hotels affected, related to the press that one of the suicide bombers had booked into his hotel the previous night.

In the morning, the man with his knapsack on the back went to the dining room for breakfast. What the hotel manager observed was that the man clung to his bag all the time where previously he had observed that his clients would even put the bag at their feet at the table when they were seated. Then the man blew himself up killing many diners.

So in the Seeta church, I was conscious of people carrying knapsacks. Moreover, there was only one security man and he did not even check anybody. Inside the church, I had even to move away from one such man carrying a knapsack, only to be seated near another woman who carried her knapsack on the back. I was wondering why people carry such sacks even in the church.

In these times of ISIS and the threat of such in Uganda, the churches and mosques must take security very seriously, especially of these people with knapsacks and other bags.

Benjamin Iuko, Mukono




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