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Experts speak out on pesticide-resistant armyworms

Ugandan maize trial proves successful in controlling the armyworm but farmers cannot yet access the variety due to regulatory roadblocks The continuing spread of invasive leaf-eating caterpillars known as Fall Armyworms to many parts of the country have left many farmers perplexed and worried especially because the worms have shown …

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Blocking solutions to hunger and poverty is criminal, says former Tanzanian Minister

Adam Malima, in Kitenge shirt, led an 8-man team of pro-biotech advocates from TZ to tour Uganda's outstanding successes at Kawanda, Namulonge

  There is no more justification to delay access to life-saving modern agricultural technologies for poor farmers by ‘comfortable’ politicians and civil society activists, a prominent Tanzanian former minister has warned. Ugandan scientists have previously expressed frustration at the government’s failure to enact a law to facilitate the commercialization of …

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Major potato disease gets cure

The luxuriant GM Irish Potatoes in a confined field trial at Kacwekano in Kabale performed well against the fungal late blight disease compared to non-GM variety that was decimated by the disease as shown by the bare patches PHOTO courtesy of Dr. Andrew Kiggundu

Ugandan scientists have developed a new Irish potato variety that is resistant to the devastating late blight disease. Dr. Andrew Kiggundu, a senior researcher with the National Agricultural Research Laboratories (NARL) at Kawanda says the new variety was developed by his colleagues at Kacwekano zonal agricultural research institute in Kabale. …

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Scientists to showcase agricultural innovations against climate change

SCIFODE CEO Arthur Makara (centre) addressing a press briefing this week on the NaBIO. Uganda Bio-information centre coordinator Dr. Barbara Mugwanya (left) and Uganda Biosafety and Biotechnology Consotium coordinator Grace Prospero addressed the meeting

Scientists from Uganda and over ten other countries are set to convene at Makerere University between November 23-25, to present new agricultural innovations that can withstand the adverse effects of  climate change. The 2nd National Agricultural Biosciences Conference (NaBIO 2015) is being held under the banner; “Advancing Agro-biosciences and Innovations …

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Biotech opens lucrative avenue for boosting exports – Pharmacist

Cipla senior pharmacist and Secretary General of Association of Pharmacist Samuel Opio takes Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta around the Cipla/Quality Chemicals plant in Luzira during the Kenyan leaders latest visit to Uganda

A senior pharmacist in Uganda says that the country needs to seriously consider adopting modern biotechnology tools not only for agricultural improvement but also for purposes of facilitating the production of highly demanded inputs into the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. Samuel Opio, > a pharmacist with Cipla/Quality Chemicals Ltd, the leading …

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More obstacles to agricultural progress than government funding

There is genuine outcry across the country that Uganda’s low level of budgetary allocation towards agriculture is undermining food security, agro-industrial development and generally keeping majority of the population that depend on the sector in poverty. Analysts have cited the two percent budget allocation to agriculture as disingenuous on the …

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Pharmacists tip farmers on opportunities in GM products

Opio Samuel Acuti says Ugandan farmers can benefit from modern biotechnology

  Ugandan farmers are losing billions of money to their counterparts in America and other countries who produce high value goods used in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmacists are blaming the situation on lack of information, misconceptions and perhaps feet- dragging by the government especially in embracing the required technology including …

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