Monday , June 26 2017
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Global outrage at Trump’s move to take U.S out of Paris Climate deal

By pulling out of climate deal, US President Donald Trump fails to understand that the earth shares one atmosphere

  World Leaders have expressed outrage and condemnation for United States President Donald Trump’s decision to pull his country out of the Paris Climate Change Deal reached last November. The Chancellor of German Angela Merkel, newly elected President of France Emanuel Macron and Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni released a joint statement in which they …

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You feed refugees as we die!

Karimojong Women desperately dig their scorched ground to prepare for planting even though the anticipated rains are not forthcoming. The prolonged drought in Karamoja has left many in the subregion starving. Now their leaders say the government is not doing enough

Karimojong turn up the heat on government From their largely remote enclaves in north eastern Uganda the Karimojong are coming out fighting. They can’t tolerate anymore a situation akin to a mother feeding visitors while her children starve. A Member of Parliament (MP) from Karamoja has accused the Uganda government of neglecting its own people, …

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Museveni has caused the economic crisis in Uganda, say economists

President Museveni has been touring the country rooting for irrigation. But his failure to address vulnerabilities to weather shocks such as drought has attracted criticism and led many to say he is to blame for the economic crisis in the country

  President Yoweri Museveni’s government has received unkind treatment by economists as the biggest cause of the economic crisis currently being witnessed in the country through unprecedented business closures, rising numbers of problem banks, rising poverty and starvation. The ruthless verdict came during a public debate on, The Turbulence in Uganda’s banking sector that was …

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