Monday , March 27 2017
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Museveni has caused the economic crisis in Uganda, say economists

President Museveni has been touring the country rooting for irrigation. But his failure to address vulnerabilities to weather shocks such as drought has attracted criticism and led many to say he is to blame for the economic crisis in the country

  President Yoweri Museveni’s government has received unkind treatment by economists as the biggest cause of the economic crisis currently being witnessed in the country through unprecedented business closures, rising numbers of problem banks, rising poverty and starvation. The ruthless verdict came during a public debate on, The Turbulence in …

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Finding the sweet spot of Africa’s agriculture

Maria Andrade is the 2016 co-winner of the World Food Prize

Africa is a continent where, at least outwardly, we like to celebrate our diversity—the rich variety that can be found in our many cultures, languages, fashions, flora and fauna. That’s why it’s perplexing to see such a large segment of the African population depending on a very small number of …

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Economic crisis looms as dry spell withers crops

Minister Musa Ecweru is worried about the huge task ahead for him as disaster minister due to a potential food shortage

Tax payer billions lost in uncoordinated agricultural interventions Uganda is facing an imminent economic crisis because of the persistent dry spell that has scotched crops in most parts of the country. Experts are warning that the dry spell is pushing millions of Ugandans who depend on farming for food as …

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