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Kasese ‘massacre’ attracts local and international condemnation

Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere was smoked out of his palace in a joint attack by the UPDF and Police on Sunday. The attack left 46 of his guards killed

  The killing of hundreds of people in Kasese, in south western Uganda  over the weekend has attracted local and international condemnation with more voices calling for an independent investigation into the killings. Although the Police Spokesperson Andrew Felix Kawesi has maintained that only 62 people died when a joint …

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Museveni has caused the economic crisis in Uganda, say economists

President Museveni has been touring the country rooting for irrigation. But his failure to address vulnerabilities to weather shocks such as drought has attracted criticism and led many to say he is to blame for the economic crisis in the country

  President Yoweri Museveni’s government has received unkind treatment by economists as the biggest cause of the economic crisis currently being witnessed in the country through unprecedented business closures, rising numbers of problem banks, rising poverty and starvation. The ruthless verdict came during a public debate on, The Turbulence in …

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Court sets Ssejjusa free from UPDF ‘captivity’

FREE AT LAST? Gen. David Ssejjusa

The High Court has today ruled that Gen. David Ssejjusa is no longer a serving officer of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces. Justice Margeret Oguli ruled that since all of Gen. Ssejjusa’s contemporaries in the high command have been retired, and that the UPDF has ignored his application without a …

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Fight Corruption the Buhari way

Nigeria's president Buhari has opened a new war on Corruption that has netted top leaders from past government of Goodluck Jonathan

They said Corruption in Nigeria can never be fought because the corrupt in Africa’s biggest economy and most populated country, are bigger than life. And the agents of the ‘corruption mafia’ were unleashed to propagate the idea that corruption in Nigeria ‘is so much a way of life’ that whoever …

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May be we need change!

Left to Right: Veteran politician Al Hajj Kirunda Kivejinja, Gen. Moses Ali and Public Service Minister Henry Kajura should be retired to create opportunity to more energetic and dynamic young men

Can a government led by men with average age of 76 years transform a country? I have had a very busy week, split between teaching my students and running around, working on economic policies and strategies to transform our country. I never complain about working to make Uganda a better …

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Museveni, Mbabazi make NRM a non-party

President Museveni and Former prime minster Amama Mbabazi

It is still at least six months away to the general elections, or what appears to be left of it is tearing itself to shreds. Not that it matters anyway; the party is now literally the preserve of two individuals: President Yoweri Museveni and former prime minister, Amama Mbabazi. Whenever …

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