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The Economy in 2016

Minister of Finance and Planning Matia Kasaija

We started the year with unanswered questions; we are ending it with unconvincing answers! Many Ugandans cannot wait for 2016 to end. We started the year on tenterhooks, wondering what the future held for our country. Will the NRM party, and by extension the country, remain intact with Amama Mbabazi, …

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Real indicators of a sick economy

President Museveni mounting a bicycle in Luwero

You know Uganda’s economy ain’t working when Entebbe Road has light traffic, Ugandans turn down wedding invites, bars are empty, and churches and mosques are crowded!       On Wednesday this week, the publicist for Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (MFPED), Jim Mugunga, wrote an article in the government-owned …

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Dear NRM, invest in young people

Young people below 35 years make up 73% of Ugandans

As you build roads and dams, do not forget to invest in young people and women   Uganda is aspiring to become a middle income country in the next four years. My students often ask me: Why is our country so poor? These are adults at university wondering about the …

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Museveni orders Chinese, Indians to quit retail trade

President Yoweri Museveni has directed the Ministry of trade to take action against foreign investors particularly the Chinese and Indians who are engaging in retailing goods in different parts of the country, especially in Kampala. Museveni said: “It is not correct for the regulators not to take action against the …

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Bailout; Does Uganda have private sector?

BoU boss Emmanuel Tumusiime Mutebile

Use bailout request as an opportunity to redirect private sector investment toward the tradable sector — in activities that produce products for export or those that substitute imports In the course of this year, I have written in these very pages, all that is wrong with Uganda’s economy. I have …

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Why implementation fails in Uganda

Museveni’s government is giving all attention to politics, policy design and planning instead of doing the small things that would make a big difference! Nine years ago, Lawrence Kiiza (Pictured), the Director of Economic Affairs at Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (MoFPED) presented a paper at the National …

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Uganda needs a “developmental state”

BoU governor Emmanuel Tumusime Mutebile

Government must develop an industrial policy, on its own invest in strategic industries, and increase development financing! Ugandans are concerned with what is happening with their financial and economic well being today. Prices of nearly everything have increased yet people’s incomes are dwindling since the shilling has lost a lot …

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Government’s role in economic development

Uganda's tourism potential is hugely under-exploited which partly contributes to the country's large foreign exchange deficit

All nations dream of economic growth and development. Some end at dreaming about it while others get out of their shells and pursue it. There are many key players in the move to create a prosperous economy. Sometimes we are tempted to ask ourselves the question: Is there a role …

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Why are we stuck with IMF/WB policies?

Uganda's President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

Why do our leaders insist on doing what you know has not worked before and will never work?Why do you insist on repeating what has failed? Every student of development economics knows that this discipline attempts to answer three key questions: (1) what drives development and growth? (2) what are …

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