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Blame NRM for increased inequality

Uganda’s inequality did not just happen; it was created by NRM’s unfettered markets and politics!     When I started writing this column some 10 years ago, in my second article to grace these pages, entitled, “SAPs will never alleviate poverty in Uganda until government swaps places with donors,” I …

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Is Uganda’s economy in recession?

Minister of Finance and Planning Matia Kasaija

Experts have indicated that a number of economic shocks have exacerbated the post-election slowdown of the economy! The public debate about the poor health of Uganda’s economy has refused to go away. A few months ago, representatives of government and its agencies used to dismiss anyone who dared to say …

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Smart investment of oil revenues in productive sectors the key to job creation, say experts

Petroleum Authority Boss Earnest Rubondo

What you need to know about jobs in oil sector The waiting is over and the real hard work of preparing to extract the oil that is buried hundreds of metres beneath the rocks of the Albertine Graben in Western Uganda is set to begin next year. Initial estimates indicate …

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UGANDAN OIL: Its time for business now

Energy minister Irene Muloni toasts to the launch of the FEED study this week with the executives from the oil sector. Right is Total's GM Adewale Fayemi

Government must certify Ugandan workers now or never  Uganda has entered one of the most important phases of its oil industry; described generally as the development phase. Estimated to last about four years, it will be characterised by heavy construction activities and this will require the supply of goods and …

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Uganda’s economy in 2017

Bank of Uganda Governor Emmanue Tumusiime Mutebille

Analysis, projections and risks everyone needs to know! Ugandans have lived through difficult economic horizons. However, 2016 will be remembered for quite a time. It has been a year many Ugandans could not wait to end, for a number of reasons. First,it started with difficult political questions.Traditionally election years in …

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Bailout; Does Uganda have private sector?

BoU boss Emmanuel Tumusiime Mutebile

Use bailout request as an opportunity to redirect private sector investment toward the tradable sector — in activities that produce products for export or those that substitute imports In the course of this year, I have written in these very pages, all that is wrong with Uganda’s economy. I have …

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Uganda needs a “developmental state”

BoU governor Emmanuel Tumusime Mutebile

Government must develop an industrial policy, on its own invest in strategic industries, and increase development financing! Ugandans are concerned with what is happening with their financial and economic well being today. Prices of nearly everything have increased yet people’s incomes are dwindling since the shilling has lost a lot …

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Why are we stuck with IMF/WB policies?

Uganda's President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

Why do our leaders insist on doing what you know has not worked before and will never work?Why do you insist on repeating what has failed? Every student of development economics knows that this discipline attempts to answer three key questions: (1) what drives development and growth? (2) what are …

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